Small City Heaven

The aristocratic wall paneling and gradation of impressive tones from beige into grey of the materials bring the spirit of sedation and class.

Customized to the last detail, this small city apartment brings the complete comfort, one could look for, in the hectic life.

The building architecture is highly traditional, the owner’s will regarding the project, however, was the space to be dramatically different as soon as one steps in.

The challenge here was the right game with lights, as the windows are both small and few, they go into skylights on the second floor. At the same time the client’s wish was for dark and moody colors.

Challenge was also the proper use of each space, specific for every small apartment, to find the right place for each personal belonging avoiding cluttering at the same time.

The slow and easy going pass from the kitchen area to the living room was inventively decided through a library in contemporary style, which style also continues to the master bedroom and the spacious walk-in-closet on the second floor.

The handmade massive wooden staircase brings classical spirit, together with the wall paneling in the entrée and the one in the powder room.

An interesting accent is the floral motif made of liquid resin, used  to decorate the powder room walls.

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