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The Company specializes in highly profiled projects with regard to location, quality and design.

Our ethos is led by the impeccable feeling of glamour in everything we do. We take time to understand the lifestyle of those involved ensuring every job is tailor-made to your needs.

Penthouse in the park

Small City Heaven

Keston Park Family Villa

In focus...

Materials and Details

Our designer library is full of beautiful materials and finishes in every color, texture and pattern.


Marmeh Bespoke Design does just as well when we have to fit leading brand’s furniture or when we have to make them to our own design.


We, at Marmeh Design consider lighting more like a complement to the interior than like its main part

Art and Antiques

To us, art at home is what reflects its occupant’s soul.


Accessories are the last touch to each project of ours, and they bring us the same great satisfaction, as does any other stage from the whole process